Ways to Make your Loved One Feel Valued Throughout the Holidays

The holiday season has begun. Holidays can be joyful filled with celebration, especially with friends and family. However, the happiest season may be stressful and depressing for some seniors. The holiday season might bring back memories of a deceased spouse or loved one, or it can serve as a reminder that family is not close by, causing emotions of sadness and loneliness.

Family members and caregivers must uplift seniors during this time of year, assist them in recalling happier memories, and help them make new, joyful memories that they can look back on in the years to come. Read on to discover ways to improve your seniors’ holiday season.

Decorate Their Home

Encouraging the seniors in your life to decorate their own house is one of the best ways to keep them cheerful this season. Locate treasured decorations or unique family artifacts they can display on their tree. If they live in an apartment, consider decorating the living spaces of the building with holiday lights. Use any extra decorations you may have lying around your house to bring a little holiday cheer into their area. Grandchildren can help with the decoration, allowing them to spend particular time with their grandparents throughout the holiday season.

Assist with Gift Wrapping

It could be difficult for your loved one to wrap several gifts if they have arthritis, poor vision, or decreased dexterity. Help them out by wrapping their Christmas presents. While doing this, try to think of methods to include them. For example, find out what color wrapping paper they would prefer, then once the item is wrapped, let them put the bow on it.

Prepare Holiday Meals

Even if they will not be preparing a holiday meal for themselves, seniors can still participate in preparing a family meal. They will feel good about helping out when they do tasks like peeling vegetables, stirring ingredients, folding napkins, or arranging the table.

For many families, baking Christmas cookies is a pleasant tradition. Encouraging your loved one to participate in the process can benefit both parties. While they bake, they may spend valuable time with you and bring cookies to their neighbors.

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Seniors can stay youthful, feel better about themselves, and share their experiences and knowledge with the future generation by being encouraged to share stories and insights about former adventures or loved ones. If they have trouble recalling the past, try stimulating their memories using photo albums, family movies, and music. Think about capturing these events and tales on camera. Your family will treasure these recordings for many years to come.

Help with the Holiday Card

Offer to prepare their yearly Christmas card for seniors who may require assistance utilizing computers to stay in touch with longtime friends and family. If they want to avoid printing and shipping the cards, they can send an e-card that is delivered instantaneously via email. If your loved one prefers handwritten cards, offer to assist them in writing cards and addressing envelopes. Try to be present when holiday cards arrive so you may read them to your senior if necessary. Discovering a unique way to display holiday cards around the house will allow the seniors to admire them and experience a feeling of connection throughout the season.

Attend a Festive Event

Many towns provide holiday activities such as concerts, parades, and other gatherings. Plan to pick up your loved ones and bring them to one of these holiday celebrations. Seniors who spend time outside, whether it’s cold or warm, are less likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. Consider inviting your elder along while you sing Christmas songs around the neighborhood if you want to put on your own performance.

Keep Track of their Medications

Sticking to your senior’s medication plan over the holiday season is critical to avoid any adverse side effects or medical crises that could disrupt the festivities. Here are four tips to assist your elderly loved one in keeping track of and remembering to take their prescriptions safely:

  • Organize the medications in a pill container.
  • Make a reminder, whether on the phone or tablet.
  • Remind them to take medication exactly as directed.
  • Keep an eye out for prescription side effects.

Film Marathon

Enjoying a movie marathon is the ideal approach to cheer up the gloomy winter days. Have your friends or family members choose a few of their favorite films, then enjoy them all at once. Remember to bring your preferred candy or snack to add to the festivities. Consider seeing a movie on the large screen at the theater if you and your senior feel like going out. Many new films are being released around the holidays, so you’re sure to discover something intriguing.


Seniors, especially those with failing health, may feel overwhelmed over the holidays. It is critical to consider how much your loved one can handle and alter your plans accordingly. Make this holiday season merry with the assistance of Sequoia Senior Solutions.

It is simpler for elders to throw off their routines around the holidays when there are more events and guests. To stay well over the holidays, caregivers can ensure your loved one follows their routine, takes their meds as prescribed, eats a balanced diet, and shows up for appointments.

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