Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been proudly serving North Bay families since 2003. Learn more about our story.

What types of services do you provide?

Our caregivers provide non-medical in-home care which often includes assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs) such as personal care, household chores, medication reminders, and meal preparation. They also provide companionship and socialization and incidental transportation as needed. Read more about our services.

How are your caregivers screened and trained?

We have a rigorous process for screening and training our caregivers. We check multiple personal and professional references, perform background checks, and require each caregiver to be registered with the state. Once hired, our caregivers go through our internal training program as well as state-mandated courses. You can learn more about our hiring and vetting process in the How it Works section.

Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

Yes! We carry liability insurance as a company and each of our caregivers is fully bonded and covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Do you employ your caregivers or are they independent contractors?

Our caregivers are employees, which means we take care of their taxes, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, and all the training and ongoing supervision. Unlike hiring a private caregiver yourself, using an agency like Sequoia Senior Solutions means the stressful parts are handled while you get to enjoy your relationship with your loved one.

Do your caregivers provide transportation?

Many of our caregivers do provide incidental (short distance) transportation as part of our regular services, and those that do are insured for that purpose. We also provide longer distance transportation services as well as wheelchair-accessible transportation in our specialized vans. Transportation services are available to the public – we don’t require you to be an in-home care client.

What happens if I want to switch caregivers?

While we work hard to provide caregivers that have the experience to meet our clients’ needs as well as similar interests and personality traits, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. If that’s the case, your care manager will work with you to find a replacement.

Can I switch the schedule?

We are happy to work with you to change your care schedule as needs change, but sometimes that might mean a different caregiver than you normally have. We will do everything possible to ensure consistency while accommodating your situation.

How long is the commitment and what happens if I need to cancel my service?

We understand that things can change rapidly when it comes to elder care. Prior to beginning ongoing care service, we ask that you sign a service agreement and provide an upfront deposit. We request 3 weeks’ notice should you need to terminate the arrangement, but we can work with you if you need to pause service for a short time.

How are caregiver scheduling and reliability managed?

We take great care in hiring and retaining reliable and professional caregivers. But sometimes things come up either for you, or for the caregivers and adjustments need to be made. That’s why we have a dedicated scheduler who works daily to ensure shifts are covered and as much consistency as possible is maintained.

What happens if my caregiver is sick or has an emergency?

Should your caregiver be unable to work for any reason, we will work to provide a comparable replacement caregiver.

How is care customized to my specific needs?

Prior to starting care, we conduct a needs assessment and home inspection to get a full picture of the situation and what is needed to provide the best care possible. Once we’ve completed the assessment and a schedule is agreed upon, we develop a custom care plan based on our findings and then go to work matching your loved one with a caregiver who has the experience and skillset to meet their needs. We also take our caregiver matching a step further and aim to match clients with caregivers who have similar interests and personalities. For more details on the process, visit our How it Works page.

How long does it take to start service?

It’s possible we can send a caregiver to your home as soon as the same day, but typically it takes a bit longer to perform a detailed assessment, home inspection, and match a caregiver that will fit your needs. The timing will vary depending on your needs and caregiver availability, but we do our best to begin service within a few days.

What is the difference between home health care and in-home care?

We provide non-medical assistance with the daily activities of life that may have become difficult for your loved one due to general aging, the effects of a specific condition, or recovery from a medical procedure. This includes personal and incontinence care, household chores, transportation, companionship, and socialization.

Home health care is clinical, medical supervision provided by a licensed professional and includes things like wound care, administering treatments and medications, and other more specialized medical services. While home health care service providers do sometimes also perform personal care services, most do not.

Do you work with long-term care insurance?

Yes! And even better, we submit all the paperwork necessary for reimbursement for a nominal management fee each month.

Will my insurance (private or Medicare) cover in-home care services?

In-home non-medical care is typically not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. However, long-term care insurance can often be used to cover in-home care expenses.

How much does in-home care cost?

The costs can vary depending on the frequency and how much assistance you will need and may also depend on where you live. Check out this post on our blog that discusses the factors that affect the cost of in-home care and give us a call to learn about our specific rates.

Are your services tax deductible?

We recommend you talk to your tax professional to get advice specific to your situation.

How are you addressing Covid-19?

Our client’s safety is our #1 priority. We’ve developed a training program as well as strict protocols and procedures to ensure our caregivers maintain high safety standards in addition to our usual high level of care. Read more in our Covid-19 policies and protocols section.

How do I get started?

Just give us a call at 707-763-6600 or book a discovery call with a client service specialist to discuss your situation and see if we’d be a good fit. You can also check out our How it Works section to learn more about the process of starting care.