In-House Training Makes Sequoia Senior Solutions a Superior Employer

Most job-hunters today aren’t just looking for a “job”; they are looking for an opportunity in the fastest changing workplace. To further complicate the situation, they are looking for an opportunity in an economic and social culture which is also changing at break-neck speed. The social roles have changed, and so has the time and cost involved in furthering one’s education.

In addition to balancing family life and taking care of family members of all ages, today’s employment seekers face other obstacles, too, like discovering that their work experience, their educational background and their computer skills have fallen behind the times.

In an effort to combat these circumstances, in-house employee training has become essential for contemporary companies of all sizes, and although most of the marketplace is growing, companies that serve seniors are growing fast, and companies like Sequoia Senior Solutions, that provide in-home care for seniors, are growing even faster.

Growing need for help

Sequoia Senior Solutions is regularly hiring new caregivers to meet this growing need. Unlike other industries, the primary qualifications we want in our prospective employees is not whiz-kid computer skills, but rather, we are looking for caring, compassionate people who enjoy helping seniors.

When CEO and Co-Owner Stanton Lawson said, “We are looking for people with heart. We can provide the necessary training, but we cannot provide compassion.” Stanton was referring to the fact that Sequoia Senior Solutions hires people with the right temperament and then provides in-house training for new and long-standing employees.

Of course, with flexible scheduling, it is possible for our employees to pursue continuing education in the traditional way, and Sequoia Senior Solutions supports that. However, traditional education has not caught up with accelerating specialization in the workplace. State educational requirements like geometry and biology can seem irrelevant to those who are balancing their work, their family, and their sanity. Traditional education is also very expensive and time consuming.

In-house training

In-house training at Sequoia Senior Solutions is held regularly at our various office locations around the North Bay. We bring in specialized trainers who deliver customized educational programs. The education and training we provide for our caregivers meets the exact requirements of the positions for which we are hiring, and these sessions also meet the exact requirements and needs of our senior clients.

Who pays for the training? Sequoia Senior Solutions not only pays for the training, but also we often pay our caregivers to take the training. In addition, for each successfully completed class, there are a variety of incentives in the form of hourly wage increases, and qualifications for specialized work assignments.

Promotions from within

Sequoia Senior Solutions promotes from within, so the management team is selected from a group of employees that has benefited from in-house training, too. Included under the umbrella of the main topics are additional skills, like leadership development, time management, team building, communication, diversity, effective listening skills, creativity, decision making, and more.

There are many benefits to investing time, energy, and money in our in-house training programs for our company, for our clients, and for our employees. This investment increases confidence, motivation, and satisfaction. As well as reinforcing Sequoia Senior Solutions’ sterling reputation, our in-house training programs have increased our organization’s productivity, our employee’s happiness, and our client’s satisfaction with our service.

Upcoming training sessions are already on the 2024 calendar for Sequoia Senior Solutions’ employees. All of our existing caregivers are invited to attend.    

If you are a caring, compassionate person, but you are not yet an employee of Sequoia Senior Solutions, go to our website at www.sequoiaseniorsolutions.com and fill out an application now! If you know someone who is looking for work and enjoys helping seniors, you can refer them to us with confidence!

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