Dementia Care: 7 Tips on small Confidence building Tasks.

One of the biggest worries dementia patients have is that as their abilities, accomplishments, personalities, and skills deteriorate, their lives will become increasingly meaningless. Fortunately, numerous ways exist to keep this gloomy future scenario from ever materializing.

It is critical to offer people with dementia activities that keep their minds active and satisfy their desire for pleasure. Exciting activities can help maintain people in a positive frame of mind, prevent them from developing depression, and reduce anxiety and irritation, all while keeping them entertained.

Keep reading to get ideas for activities you and your loved ones coping with dementia can participate in together.

Nature exploration.

A great way to exercise, breathe in some clean air and discover interesting new things is to go hiking in the great outdoors. There are a lot of fascinating things that you and the person you care about can do together. If the person you care about has a green thumb or a passion for wildlife, this could be especially good for them.

  • Garden with your loved one.
  • Check out a local botanical garden.
  • Visit a nearby park or nature reserve to see birds.
  • At the pond, feed the birds.
  • Sit on your lawn. You may have a barbecue there. Listen to the wind chimes and bird music.

If the weather or your loved one’s illness prevents you from going outside, watch a nature program instead. TV may still offer some fantastic opportunities to see nature.

Simple activities.

It can be hard to think of new things to do with the person you care about daily. Thankfully, activities that are performed regularly can give stimulation at various points during the day. This not only enables you to get things done, but it also has the potential to make the person you care about feel productive and provide them with a feeling of purpose. Activities include.

  • Folding laundry.
  • Pairing socks.
  • Silverware Cleaning.
  • Sweeping.

Easy games that are enjoyable.

There are instances when engaging in things that are not very complicated but enjoyable can provide exceptionally positive outcomes. Not only will they be familiar to your loved one, but they will also be relatively simple to follow, allowing your loved one to experience a sense of accomplishment. These activities include:

  • Jigsaw puzzles: as dementia progresses, fewer pieces will be required.
  • Crosswords
  • Dominoes
  • Old-school board games like Scrabble and Snakes and Ladders
  • Arrange a picnic or tea party in the afternoon.
  • Untying knots needs a surprising amount of concentration and gets their hands moving.

Physical exercise and activity.

Those with dementia may benefit from physical exercise and activities in many ways. It has the potential to assist in regulating their sleep and prevent restlessness and insomnia in the evening. Also, it can assist in keeping a positive attitude and reduce the likelihood of their acquiring depression.

The following are examples of physical activities:

  • Going for a stroll in their community or one of the parks in the area.
  • Try tandem biking, depending on your age and level of physical fitness.
  • Exercises in water, such as water aerobics, many health and fitness centers provide courses and sessions tailored specifically for senior citizens and persons with dementia.
  • Fishing.

Baking and cooking.

It can be a nice approach to persuade them to do something useful while also delivering a tasty treat as a reward when you get them involved in preparing a basic recipe by cooking or baking it together. It is essential to facilitate as many of their interests as is reasonable. Depending on their level of development, they may choose to do nothing more than observe as you prepare the meal, or they may choose to take charge of the preparation, with your assistance limited to the steps that pose the greatest challenge to them.

Discuss things that interest them.

Everyone has a unique set of interests and activities that they enjoy doing. Talking to a loved one about issues or sports teams that interest either of you may be a fascinating experience. To make this process easier for them, consider watching videos on YouTube about their favorite band, public figure, or sports team together with them. This has several advantages, such as encouraging constructive conversation, assisting them in re-establishing a connection with their younger selves, and providing them the experience of being respected.

Arts and crafts.

Your loved ones will be able to express themselves while also developing their creative side when you encourage them to participate in arts and crafts activities. Even for those who have never considered themselves particularly creative or artistic, engaging in arts and crafts can provide a wide variety of opportunities for sensory stimulation. The following are examples of possible activities:

  • Painting
  • Knitting
  • Coloring-in


Take a break and try to engage your loved one in the activity at a later time if they don’t appear interested or if they’re being resistive. Try something else or ask the person you care about how you could make the activity they are currently participating in more enjoyable for them. You should also concentrate on the action rather than the outcome; the most important thing is that the person you care about has a good time and feels like they are contributing. Even if some families opt to give care, there may come a moment when they require the services of dependable homecare agencies.

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